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Calling all

“If you’re a successful entrepreneur, CEO, public figure or HNWI, I’d like to help you achieve more INFLUENCE & IMPACT over the NEXT 12 MONTHS, than you’ve previously had in the last 10 years…"

At this point in your life you look “successful”. You’ve got the wife and kids, the career/business, house and cars that you always pictured. So far you’ve achieved all the things that you thought you wanted. Life feels good. But something’s not right… good is no longer GOOD enough. You want more.

It’s not that you are ungrateful about what you have; it’s actually more about you.

You’ve got comfortable, you’ve lost your edge and you know that YOU can do WAY BETTER than this.

You know that you’ve been called to be a pioneer and visionary in your industry.

You know that you’ve been called to be a leader for your wife and children.

And you are, on one level, but NOT in the way that you could be and it’s eating away at you. The question is what are you going to do about it?

If this describes where you are, I’ve got some good news and some bad news…

Let's start with the bad news.

If you struggle being open and taking advice, you’re resistant to change or become defensive when you’re challenged, then it’s likely that you are not ready for the next level of success.

Now the good news is...

If you’re humble and ready for change and capable of putting your ego to one side, I’m almost certain that I can help you achieve the biggest year of your life.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Luke Havard and I mentor and advise Business leaders, millionaire entrepreneurs and high profile individuals. My clients include leaders from corporate titans like Pfizer, HSBC, Range Rover and Johnson & Johnson, to thought leaders, politicians and even a film director.

So, are you ready to join the ranks of the world’s elite in business, politics and entertainment?

Do any of these names sound familiar?

Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Warren Buffet, Leonardo DiCaprio or Hugh Jackman?

Of course they do! At a guess, I’m sure you’d know all of them?

But aside from their personality, charisma and incredible talent what else is happening to ensure their unprecedented success? Well, the truth is each of these men has a secret weapon… they all have mentors and coaches helping them behind the scenes to ensure they continually achieve outstanding results.

If you want to play in the big leagues, without compromising on your relationships, health and wellbeing, whilst continually improving your results, you need to do what the best of the best are doing.

I help my clients behind the scenes to significantly increase their results in their personal and professional lives, by achieving extraordinary influence with the people that they love and serve, through becoming exceptional leaders.


After working with one of my clients for just 3 months he was offered the biggest opportunity of his career. He was asked to take on a new project for his organisation, leading and launching a new product to market (that he previously had no prior experience of working with). As a direct result of my guidance and insight my client was able to spearhead a team of experts and launch a new product worth $500,000,000 in gross profits each year to his organisation in the US alone. In addition he was also able to buy his dream home and get into the best shape of his life all within the space of 12 months of us working together!

Have You Got The Guts To Step Up?

ALeadership is the MOST valuable skill that we need today and the world is crying out for genuine, honest and authentic leaders but there’s a problem… very few men have the guts to step up.

Authentic leadership requires a different calibre of man, someone who is bold enough to be totally honest about what’s really going on. Most men can’t handle this level of honesty and that’s why MOST men don’t qualify to work with me.

Have you ever wondered what separates the greatest leaders of all time and the average executive, politician or business leader, it’s simple…

It’s the humility to be completely transparent and honest, even when it’s uncomfortable and painful.

It’s the vulnerability to lay all fears, failures and insecurities down, without having to justify your self.

It’s a commitment to be 100% accountable, to go way beyond where you feel safe, to stretch to the very edge of your limitations, to take feed back and respond without hesitation.

And the fastest and most effective way to continually ensure this happens is to work with an expert mentor, coach and advisor.

And this is exactly how I serve my clients. I bring 10 years of extensive experience working with thousands of people from all over the world, becoming an expert in the areas of high performance and leadership psychology.

I also invest a vast amount of time, energy and money in my own personal and professional development attending training all over the world and hiring my own expert mentors.

ARE YOU READY to be world class?

If you're ready to be world class, take my advice; invest in yourself and request a free strategy call with me today.

Here’s what my clients experience as a result of working with me:

Significantly less stress, worry and overwhelm, whilst experiencing more clarity and peace of mind, increased vision and strategy and extraordinary influence with the people they love and serve.

Imagine how it would feel to eliminate all the fears and insecurities that are currently holding you back right now.

Imagine the increase in your performance and productivity if you had more clarity, were able to make better quality decisions and take more decisive action.

Imagine the level of influence and impact you could have in this world if you were truly committed to becoming an exceptional leader.

Just imagine what you could achieve 12 months from now if I help you in the same way that I’ve helped my clients to become world class in their life, business or career.

Regardless of whom I’m working with be that a famous politician or more recently a billionaire business leader, I treat every client the same. I am 100% committed to helping my clients achieve outstanding results.

Are you ready to be world class?

If this sounds like you, we should talk.


See what people have to say

“Luke Havard is someone who can truly open your eyes to a bigger and brighter future. His own personal journey is a remarkable story and indeed life changing. Not only is Luke a world-class coach and high performance expert, he's also a genuine guy who puts his clients first and gets the results they want.”
Andy Parton – Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Intraskills
“Luke Havard has a natural ability to inspire. He has an intuitive insight into the deeper needs of people, and his personal belief that everyone has within them the tools and ability to succeed in all areas of their lives is both refreshing and uplifting! Through his individual work with people Luke is able to guide, them through compassion to recognise and remove all of their emotional & mental blocks, enabling them to achieve a truly spectacular life. Luke is a clear and effective communicator both through the visual medium and in a group settings and working with leaders 1-2-1. His passion to create a positive change in the world is infectious. He is a living example of what he believes.”
Colin. S - Film director/ producer/ screenwriter
“When I get asked about my career development and the changes that I have been through since the end of 2011, I always mention my secret weapon, Luke Havard my coach. It can be when someone asks about my insights on leadership, how to deal with negative feedback or how I am able to continually strive for excellence as a leader in pharmaceutical research. Luke helped me to step up to the next level in my career, going from Director to Senior Director and taking on my biggest role yet in an area that was completely new to me! Luke guided me from the interview process, right through to my first day on the new job. In 2012, Luke and I continued working together throughout the entire year. Luke has helped me to continually stretch myself and consistently achieve excellence as an innovative leader. Now, when someone asks me about my career growth, I have one thing to say: GET A COACH!”
Dr. M. W. Araujo, Senior Director of Global Consumer Healthcare for Scientific - professional Affairs